inner & outer life//

Award-winning theatre director, master teacher, and writer. Working throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States for over thirty years.


Artistic Director: Yat-Bentley Centre for Performance (California/Canada)



untying the knots//

Accomplished theatre director of over one hundred professional productions. Founder and producer of several festivals. Developed and championed some of the finest actors, playwrights across North America.

(left: burning vision at the grec festival, spain) 



action & release//

Instructs actors, directors, dancers, writers, via conservatory training, group classes, one-on-ones. Taught university courses; now heads curriculum at Yat-Bentley Centre for Performance and leads workshops internationally.


Training: Yat Malmgren (Drama Centre, London)

Sanford Meisner (Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC)

Approach: Movement Psychology & Character Transformation, from work of Malmgren and Laban.



discovering the unknown//

Published author, playwright, and lyricist. Short stories printed in over a dozen magazines. Plays produced throughout North America.

"The best moments here are as good as writing gets."

- from Globe and Mail review of Blind Man's Drum


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